Pioneers in Palliative Care

David Weissman, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil and Dr. Von Gunten: Mainstreaming Palliative Care
Article: Dr Weissman: Risks and Rewards
Robert Arnold, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Declaration of Interdependence
Article: Dr Arnold: Life Lessons in Palliative Care
J. Andrew Billings, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil and Dr. Von Gunten: Mainstreaming Palliative Care
Article: Dr Billings: A Palliative Care Career
Susan D. Block, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: On the Endangered Species List
Article: Dr Block: Learning From a Life in Medicine
Eduardo Bruera, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: The Role of International Medical Graduates
Article: Dr Bruera: On Third Base but not Home Yet
Betty Ferrel, PHD, FAAN.
Editorial: Dr. Periyakoil: "Be Nice - Until it is Time Not to be Nice"
Article: Dr Ferrell,PHD. FAAN: On Finding a Balance
Frank D. Ferris, MD.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Geography Decides Destiny
Article: Dr Ferris: Dog with a Bone
Kathleen M. Foley, MD.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Growing Pains: Health Care Enters "Team"-Age
Article: Dr Foley: Building the Field of Cancer Pain
Diane E. Meier, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Change Management
Article: Dr Meier: Finding My Place
Russell K. Portenoy, M.D.
Article: Dr Portenoy: Palliative Medicine: From Paradigm to Best Practice
Paul C. Rousseau, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: First, Do Not Abandon
Article: Dr Rousseau: My Journey
Porter Storey, M.D.
Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Using Metaphors in Medicine
Article: Dr Storey: A Winding Career Path
Brad Stuart, M.D.
Article: Dr. Stuart: Overpowering or Understanding?
Joan Teno, M.D., M.S.
Article: Dr. Teno: Long Hours, Luck, and a Cast of Thousands
Charles F. von Gunten, M.D., PH.D. Editorial: Dr Periyakoil: Borders without Doctors
Article: Dr. von Gunten: Optimism

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Communicating Prognosis
[photo] Prognosis DVD and CD Set
Check out our Video Teaching Tool - Communicating Prognosis:
The four video vignettes presented are part of a toolkit originally produced and directed by VJ Periyakoil, MD. It is intended as a guide for role-playing.
Rural Expert Talk Series
Expert Talks - Byron Bair, MD, MBA
Listen to the Expert Talk Series- Byron Bair, MD, MBA:
In the five-part talk, Dr. Bair defines rural health and summarizes key findings on rural and highly-rural veterans in terms of overall health status, mortality rates, and access to health care.

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